Don't just remember her

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and ignorance remember the way she accompanied you and remember the tears she shed for youYou let me know that I was still so easily left behindI will always remember the days when I was really trampled onGo to sleep girls. Stop thinking! It's late at night. He won't think of youIt was summer when I met him. Now it's winter. Standing on the street blowing the cold wind I know it's not the evening wind in summerI really want to talk about a love that grew up together. It's not giving up halfway nor just accompanying me for a period of time nor teaching me the feelings of growing up but foreverI don't want to talk to you for a long time nor does it mean that I'll disappear with you for a while. I'll always be there.Grow up together feel the sophistication of the world and experience daily necessitiesAfter that summer my friends scattered around the circle of friends from time to time. I don't have to meet them often but I must live betterThe love that wants to grow up together is not to give up halfway nor to accompany each other for a period of time nor to teach each other to grow up. It is to refuel together mature together and strive to grow up together. In retrospect I think every bit of happiness is beautiful and memorableBut I'm too bad. There are too many excellent girls around you so it's normal for me to be left behind. If I could be better I might have the courage to stand by youUnfortunately the story is too long. Only the wind listens to me. What qualifications do I have to let others accompany me for a long timeThe love that grows up together is not to give up halfway or accompany for a period of time but to agree to become each other's people who can rely on each otherI blocked everything with you I lost I had nothing. I blocked the rest of my life again. When you look back you seem to lose againI hope my girl will avoid all evils avoid everything be safe and happy and win everythingI can't go back. The estrangement is too deep. It's like a carp can't jump over the dragon's gate. Our love can't cross that mountain againIt turns out that people who meet love are not tired. The more they love the more they want to loveI don't want our meeting to teach each other the truth and only accompany each other for a period of feelings. I hope we will always be the feelings that we have to upgrade together play boos together and pass customs together in this life