Long distance love

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If I marry a girl named so and so a few years later everyone who sees this copy will have happy candy (no matter how far it is it will be delivered)I really want to one day I don't have to say good night to you on the screen. Turn around and you're next to meGradually I no longer expect anyone and anything.Don't worry. Such days are either a lifetime or a whileI miss him very much but I'm afraid I'll be disappointed to see him. I'm afraid I can't live without himI hope we can try our best to survive this period and stay together for a lifetimeBut I didn't know until later that the people near the bed were not as good as ordinary strangersI really want to one day I don't have to say good night to you on the screen. Turn around and you're next to meEverything can be bad. You can't be in a bad mood. Life is just like smiling. Always be optimistic and confident always be positive and upward and enjoy the present is the best way to live. "In fact I really want to be with you but I know we have no results but I just can't let go of what happened that year and you let me fall into confusion again this time which makes it more difficult for me to let goShe and I can meet in half a month and we can live together in a year. We are no longer missing for a long timeOr do or drop out a cold exposure although I have studied for a hundred years I have not seen itI really want to do this ~ no need to say good morning and good night to the mobile phone screen ~ I just want to see you when I sleep every day ~ the first thing I see when I open my eyes is you~Everything and people time will give us the answer. In the days of flowing water we don't say forever just cherish live up to the meeting don't talk about the debtI've been waiting for that day turning around turning back behind holding hands aroundThere is no work for nothing let alone the harvest of enjoying success. If you are more greedy than others please be more attentive than others.Everyone who updates the dynamics has a certain mood to tell someone but someone doesn't understandIf there is a good feeling it is like. If this good feeling can stand the test it is love.I like her so much. I want to be with her and play games with her to share all the happiness and unhappiness. Although sometimes she returns information very slowly I will be very happy as long as she returns.On the way home I suddenly miss her. When she sees the lights shining I wonder if we also have a home but we are separated. We have to have our own lights