What do I offer to your family

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 love me"In fact there is no Changting ancient road no persuading you to make a cup of wine that is on the same morning as usual someone stayed yesterday."——- "kesville's tomorrow"Recently I like a saying: "when time comes we will be relieved. It's good to live healthily live calmly laugh happily and be busy appropriately."In the past ten years bayinbrook's track has been opened countless times in my heart. I don't want to win I just don't want to loseWhat shall I offer you my friend? What shall I offer you my parents? I have nothing but I have everything. I thank you thank you.Watching you like others but I can't help it. How hard should it beIf you can't wait alone. Maybe it's people who wait maybe they finally put it down which may be the best explanation for NanshanThere is a passage in Mr. Hu Shi's works:I raise you not kindness but a biological instinct caused by blood. Therefore since I have no kindness to you you don't need to repay me. On the contrary I want to thank you because with your participation my life is more complete. Be goodI used to think that love means the man I love. Now I know that my love is my motherI miss the past the days when my parents were together and the carefree at that time. Miss not alone just miss! Life has to pass tell yourself to be strong. come on.Parents I don't feel better dedicated to you but your children have grown up and I owe you too muchThe long road is dedicated to the distance the rose is dedicated to love what can I offer to you my loveHow can we balance the relationship between our lover and our parents? When we get married you choose to be a mother be filial and ignore the newly married wife. It's like pouring cold water on her and extinguishing her expectations for the future and enthusiasm for lifeIt's been more than three years. I remember I was in junior high school when I first heard it. Now I'm a freshman unconsciously. I think it's fast. I hope my medical path will be smooth in the future and live up to those I love and those who love meTime will leave the best for you behind. After all love is a gust of wind and love is a long stream