Then I wish those who love are

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 loved and those who do not love are freeShow your love and accept any ending calmly.I like it for a moment but I didn't expect it to last until nowI can't so I hope you get what you wantLove get hurt do whatever you wantIn the end what kind of girl can be like a fish in water in love and how beautiful she will not cry for loveI can afford it but I can't put it down. I suddenly hide someone in my heart. I don't know how to forget him againIf you decide to give up you will give up. If you decide not to meet again you will not meet again. Persistence is not a good thing. When a relationship ends don't look backWhen someone is generous enough to admit that he loves me go and believe in the love in the worldMy friends asked me what made me so affectionate. I said I only knew that only he made my eyes brightWhen you grow up you find that you can't get what you want if you work hard. If you accept all the results you won't work too hardDon't emo my friends character has nothing to do with the constellation life is not only unhappy don't let your emotions control you love yourself is the beginning of lifelong romanceI can't. I'm not beautiful excellent or rich enough. Therefore he doesn't have me in his heart. I hope everyone will be loved rich handsome and beautifulI really can't. He and the girl are on and off. They can't forget each other and I'll never have a chanceI knew it wasn't my moon but for a moment the moon did shine on me.We need to reflect on our own vision and insight not doubt our sincerity and kindnessMy life is destined to love but not. His heart is hurt. I spend my life and can't pull it out.I'm chatting with a boy now. After a while I'll see if I really like it. If I like it I'll chase it bravely. It's not easy to meet and succeed. After all I've triedI'll leave the rest of my life to time to let go. That's it! Then I wish all of you sitting here love and be loved all your lifeBut I still can't help but contact. I'm reluctant to delete the contact information. There are a lot of memories in it. Love is true disappointment is also true. What a pity especially regretA big dream is just a dream. I can't look back. So I wish you all what you want. I'll do my best. That's it. Stop at the precipice and stop losing in time for the rest of your lifeThere is no strength to love someone